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The 2005 edition of the International Tortoise Exhibition, with many innovations, will take place at the Cesena Fair (almost 5000 square meters).

This year, the organizers of the event (Tarta Club Italia, a volunteer association dedicated to nature) have decided to extend the exhibition from 1 to 2 days (10-11 September 2005).

Considering the great success of the 2004 edition, with more than 12000 visitors and 1000 tortoises exhibited, this year the organizers will face an even greater challenge, with two exhibition days for fans of these marvelous animals. As usual, the best specimens from all continents will be exhibited, from the smallest to the largest, both land and aquatic species.


The usual seminars on Saturday afternoon this year will include the participation of well-known international experts. A round table, with the best researchers, environmentalists and veterinarians, covering the most important subjects, will follow the seminars. The public will be able to participate thanks to a moderator.


The highlight of the exhibition will still be the breeders coming from all parts of Italy and beyond. In addition, there will be many stands and dealers.

To further enhance the event, there will be a section for succulent plants that are often used to decorate terrariums, gardens and habitats.

The main purpose of the association is to promote a culture of respect and knowledge of tortoise needs. Although it is generally thought otherwise, most people who breed tortoises do not know how to feed and care for them properly.


Another important goal is to stimulate public authorities to improve the dreadful existing legislation that is helping bring to extinction the few tortoise species still in the wild.


Proceeds from the show will be invested in projects for the protection of tortoises, including the new “Pet therapy Project” for handicapped children.

The association is working on several other important projects that will be introduced and discussed during the show. The most important of these is the new project for the largest European park dedicated to tortoises, for the recovery and conservation of exotic species harmful to the environment (exotic aquatic species) and confiscated specimens.


As usual, the show will close with the award ceremonies for the best specimens, chosen by an International Panel of judges, and for the “2nd Photo Contest”.


The event will be videotaped by the Italian State Television (RAI 2).


For more information, please visit our site: www.tartaclubitalia.it




Agostino Montalti

(President of Tarta Club Italia)






Review Of “Tartarughe Beach” 2004


Tortoises on display


“TARTARUGHE BEACH”, the annual tortoise show in Cesenatico was, this year, an even greater success than the two previous years and has become a cult event for both tortoise fans and its host city, with the usual large number of visitors (about 12000) to the Agip summer camp.

The organizers of the event (Tarta Club Italia, www.tartaclubitalia.it) introduced several innovations to the show.

Starting on Saturday morning, several seminars were given by the following experts, researchers and veterinarians:

Dr. Mattia Bielli:

- Clinical tests (the most important tests to be carried out periodically)

Dr. Marta Avanzi:

- Illness symptoms and their meaning, to act before it is too late

Dr. Massimo Millefanti:

- Aquatic turtle care (water/terrarium, pond, etc.)

Dr. Francesco Origgi

- Major contagious illnesses affecting chelonians. Means of protection.

Laurens Woldring:

- Tortoises of the Perth area, southwestern Australia (Chelodina oblonga and Pseudemydura ombrina)

Dr. Giuseppe Mosconi

- Antinutritionals in the diet for tortoises

Dr. Paolo Selleri

- Parassites affecting tortoises

Dr. Fabrizio Benini:

- Swamp tortoises, local and imported

Dr. Gabriele Tenti:

- Blood tests for tortoises

Dr. Stefano Mazzotti

- Breeding and re-introduction projects, to enhance biodiversity.


In the first two editions of the show there were only land tortoises. This year two new sections were added: one for aquatic tortoises and another for dealers.

This year each specimen had an identification label with name of the species, description, characteristics and a map of the area of origin.

On the shore in front of the exhibition grounds there was a beautiful sand tortoise, with a diameter of about 2 meters. At the entrance of the exhibition there was an even bigger bronze tortoise (270cm), built by sculptor Ivan Theimer.

Mediterranean species were always present, together with many exotic species, some incredibly large, for a total of about 1000 specimens.

There were many new booths and guests.

An international panel of judges (Ursula Fhoer, Fabrizio Pirotta, Georg Mirlach and Bastian Esser) awarded prizes to the best specimens in 5 categories.

Awards were given to winners of the 1st Photo Contest.

Participants from several European countries, Authorities from the Public Administration, the Italian Forest and Game Department (Corpo Forestale dello Stato) and Terrarium Associations contributed to make this show a very important herpetological event, even outside the Italian border.

Proceeds from the show will be invested in projects for the recovery and conservation of various species.